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Many Java programs that utilize I/O are excellent candidates for performance tuning. One of the more common problems in Java applications is inefficient I/O. A profile of Java applications and applets that handle significant volumes of data will show significant time spent in I/O routines, implying substantial gains can be had from I/O performance tuning. In fact, the I/O performance issues usually overshadow all other performance issues, making them the first area to concentrate on when tuning performance. Therefore, I/O efficiency should be a high priority for developers looking to optimally increase performance. Unfortunately, optimal reading and writing can be challenging in Java. Once an application's reliance upon I/O is established and I/O is determined to account for a substantial slice of the applications execution time, performance tuning can be undertake... (more)

Sun Webtone

Sun's vision of network computing is a day when a constant, seamless, global connection - the Webtone -- is accessible anywhere at any time from any device (from smartcards to supercomputers). To realize this vision, Sun provides the Webtone foundation, enabling customers to securely develop for, deploy across and manage global corporate networks. Deploying and Maintaining the Webtone The number of U.S. businesses on the Internet will grow from 40,000 to more than 300,000 by the end of this century. Internet use is skyrocketing, and the ability to deliver a ubiquitous Webtone is i... (more)

Sun Java WorkShop

Build Java Applications Faster and Easier Business today moves at the speed of the Internet. Corporations are rapidly deploying Intranets as the vehicles for real-time information. But for professional developers, the wide adoption of the Internet has given rise to a new challenge: delivering high-quality applications, with limited resources, in a short time. The demand for information requires developers to deliver applications which reach more users, on a multitude of heterogeneous platforms, across global networks. Consequently, many developers have turned to Sun's Java program... (more)

Java Performance Fastest on Sun Solaris

Organizations are implementing Internet strategies to speed up business cycles and gain a leg up on their competition. They are relying on the Internet "dial tone" - or Webtone - to enable global Web-based computing and provide them with the capabilities to run their day-to-day business faster, smarter and cheaper. Committed to delivering the fastest Java performance in the industry, Sun has integrated Java performance technology into the recently announced Web-enhanced release of Solaris (v. 2.6), enabling companies to run Java applications at significantly higher speeds than t... (more)

Data Visualization During Program Execution with Sun WorkShop

Scientific and technical software developers require the ability to "see" their data and do their analyses graphically instead of, or in addition to, numerically. Exploration of large datasets, display of simulation results and interactive steering of computation all require data visualization in some way, shape or form. Application developers in High Performance Computing need flexible methods for displaying large arrays of multivariable information with implicit or explicit geometries. Introduction Visualization of data and information is a vital research and applications fro... (more)